202 BIOGEM Starter Kit-Oily

Price: $40.00
Item Number: 202
Shampoo 8oz / Conditioner 6oz / Treatment 2oz
Oily Shampoo
For those who suffer from excess oil
and sebaceous discarge in the hair and scalp.
Revitalizing Conditioner
Designed with a water base, (soluble in water)
to prevent the pores from becoming clogged
and going limp. Organic & exotic plant extracts
and oil known as silica, untangling agents,
moisturizers protecting against dryness and split ends.
Leave-in Treatment
Derived from green tea and natural sea plant
extracts, this protein-enriched unique leave-in
treatment tightens skin pores, moisturizes
the scalp, strengthens hair roots, and
protects hair from sun and wind damage.