Just like our other skin, the scalp produces flaking(shedding) of dead skin, a normal occurrence, if the flaking is very rapid, the flakes may accumulate on the scalp and hair, known as dandruff. Not only does it cause an alarming loss of hair, it also produces inchiness and irritation of the scalp. This is where BIOGEM does its work.
Women, men, adolescents and children can use it and will notice the difference quickly.

Statistical studies show that 99% of hair loss among men and a lesser percentage among women is due to only cause excess oil, called sebum, that clogs the pores of the scalp, creating a layer of wax that in turn smothers the roots, preventing the growth of new hair. BIOGEM is designed to treat these problems, unclogging the pores so that the cycle of new hair birth can continue its natural process.

A healthy scalp is surrounded with natural defense system consisted of hydrolipidic film and cutaneous flora, which can be destroyed by aggressive shampoos and environmental streesses. BIOGEM honors this natural shield which is vital for the hair’s growth and beauty.

1. Maintain a clean scalp.
2. Use shampoos with less chemicals.(Avoid shampoos with preservatives like Paraben)
3. Apply water soluble conditioner.
4. After washing your hair, dry with cool air.
5. Avoid excessive use of styling products.
6. Massage neck and shoulders to reduce tension.
7. Eat well and sleep well.
8. Do not comb wet hair; It makes hair weak and can be broken easily.